Captivity - caged tiger

The 30,000 – 40,000 tigers that live in captivity are often exposed to inhumane and unnatural conditions. Think about the lack of proper food, sometimes there is no food at all. Think about the small cages most of them have to live in. And think about the medical support they need to have after a life behind bars, but which they don’t get as euthanising them is often cheaper. 

The majority of these 30,000 – 40,000 tigers in captivity live in so-called tiger farms. Officially made for ‘conservation’ but it is a public secret that these tigers are being used to meet the demand for tiger products in China.

Other subjects related to tigers in captivity are breeding, canned hunting, trophy hunting, tigers as pets, and tigers in zoos.

Breeding seems logical for zoos. But for tigers it is a problem. There is a breeding industry to breed more tigers as they are highly in demand. This is especially the case in the USA. In the US a lot of tigers can be sold to private persons, without any legal restrictions. This breeding process messes with the DNA purity of the tigers involved, with a lot of horrible consequences.

Some rich people with twisted egos think that there ego can be polished by shooting a tiger or a lion in a ‘canned’ place, where it has nowhere to go. So they can pose next to it and show the photo to their friends and business relations. Canned hunting farms are a key-provider of so-called wildlife trophies, as the rich people also want to take the animal or a souvenir (like the head) back home. 

We see it in many countries. The Arab Emirates, the USA, Indonesia and Russia are a couple of examples of countries where it is allowed to have tigers as pets. We are against this, as it only fuels the need to possess a tiger with others. And this fuels poaching, as some rich people don’t want a ‘surrogate’ cat that was bred for the purpose. 

The position of zoos has been integrated in society since hundreds of years. Most people think it’s logical or normal that zoos exist. We don’t. We believe that 97 percent of all zoos in the world should close because they just  abuse animals and hardly contribute to education or conservation.

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