Women Are Like Tigers?

Tiger women

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How Women In Business Can Avoid Tiger Traps.


A tiger trap is just what it sounds like: an effective way to strip a very powerful being of its strength and mobility. The fiercest of you out there — with your confidence, in your tiger stripes, going about your workday — probably encounter very real tiger traps that are designed to reduce your visibility and defuse your power.

It’s a vast overstatement to claim that awareness is enough to dissolve gender inequality in the workplace. But if you’re a woman, whether new to the workforce or a 40-year veteran of these challenges, you may find (as I did) that not only is awareness a great place to start, but awareness of the challenges can be contagious. Here are five of the most common tiger traps for women in the workplace, along with tips for sidestepping them.


Article that compares women with tigers. The intention of the writer is logical – tigers are known as fierce creatures – but in reality the comparison is not applicable.

– tigers and tigresses have other ways of living together than people.
– tigers don’t accept each other as equal. There is no gender equality whatsoever.
– people that think they are a tiger should think again: they are endangered, hunted down and they are always lazy, unless they want food.
– tigers can’t think 5-10 years ahead as they have to survive, every day again.

Women are fabulous creatures too. But let them be women, not tigers.

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