Another Tiger Horror Entertainment Center Opens In Thailand.

Tiger Park

New tiger park in Phuket faces tour operator backlash.


At a time when many tour operators are turning their backs on attractions that involve close human interaction with wild animals, a new tiger tourist attraction is set to open in Phuket at the end of the month.

In 2014, we banned elephant rides on all our trips, and we don’t permit any activities that allow passengers to pet or walk with wild animals, such as lion walks in South Africa. We believe that wild animals should be viewed – with no contact or interaction – doing what they do best: living in the wild.– Intrepid Travel

Called Tiger Park, the facility will house 29 tigers, including cubs, and female and male adult tigers, ranging from two months to 10 years old.

Visitors to the park will be encouraged to have their photographs taken with the tigers.


In Thailand another horror entertainment center opens its doors. Now in Phuket. It is a branche of the Tiger Park in Pattaya. You can feel, touch, hug and take photos with tigers without chains or drug control. They say.

They start with 29 tigers and expect 5000 visitors a week. With an average turnover of 50 US dollars per person this means a yearly turnover of at least US$ 13 million.

How much of this money will be invested in saving the Indochinese tiger, you think?

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