Zoos Keep On Breeding: Now Five Cubs As Moneymakers.

Rani tiger

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India – Daiji World

Mangaluru: Tigress Rani From Pilikula Gives Birth To 5 Cubs.


A tigress at Pilikula Nisarga Dhama named Rani gave birth to five cubs recently. Three of them are female and 2 are male.

It is said that normally a tigress gives birth to only around 2 to 3 cubs. It is rare to see birth of 5 cubs.



An ungoing tragedy: another zoo reports the birth of tiger cubs.

Normal tigers are moneymakers for zoos. White tigers are a bit more special. But cubs are the ultimate treasure for zoos.

In this case Rani, a tigress, gave birth to five cubs, which is quite rare.

Now five more tigers have to spend their live in captivity.

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