Trafficking Tigers By Zoos Continues.

Beardsley zoo tiger

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Beardsley’s Female Tiger Departing Zoo.


Get ready to roar a sad goodbye to Changbai, the female Amur tiger who has lived at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo for more than two years.


Changbai, mother of tiger cubs Reka and Zeya, is schedule to move to a new permanent home on Wednesday. Born on May 24, 2007, she arrived at Beardsley in January 2017 from the Philadelphia Zoo.

“As sad as we are to say goodbye to Changbai, the planned transfer of animals to other member zoos ensures the sustainability of a healthy, genetically diverse, and demographically varied AZA population,” Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo Deputy Director Don Goff said in a news release.


Beardsley zoo announces transfer of Amur tiger to another zoo to ensure the “healthy, genetically diverse, and demographically varied AZA population.

They also call it a Species Survival Plan.

No word about the fact that tigers are the moneymaker for zoos and that they need to have new cubs, because they attract a whole new wave of customers.

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