Trafficking Of White Tigers Continous In Malaysia.

Elsa white tiger

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Malaysia – New Straits Times

'Elsa' Is Now In Melaka.


After a three month wait, “Elsa” the white Bengal tiger finally arrived at the Melaka Zoo in Ayer Keroh, here, last night.

Visitors can start seeing “Elsa” who is one year and nine-months-old from Sept 14, during the Malaysia Day week celebration.

Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council (MPHTJ) president Mohd Rafee Ibrahim said the presence of “Elsa” from India is expected to help boost the zoo’s visitor count apart from several refurbishment the zoo has undergone recently.


Also in Malaysia the trafficking of white tigers keeps on going.

Now Elsa, a white tigress, was trafficked from Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park to Malacca zoo.

The reason? Money. Quote from the zoo director: “It is hoped that we will see an increase in the number of visitors, at least by 10 per cent… In the near future, specifically in September, we will sign an MoU with the Surabaya Zoo to obtain a white male tiger for the purpose of reproduction.”

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