Exploited Tigers Stranded At Belarus Border.

Stranded tigers

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United Kingdom – BBC News

Poland tigers: Zoo rescues animals stuck at border.


A zoo in Poland is giving temporary refuge to a truck load of tigers after they were left stranded at the border with Belarus for days.

The ten tigers were prevented from entering Belarus as they lacked veterinary documents.

They had travelled from Rome and were heading to a circus in Russia. One of the tigers died on Tuesday.

The Poznan Zoo said on Facebook that the animals were on their way to the site.

It said that the animals had been kept in “appalling” conditions.


Ten (!) tigers were transported illegally from Italy to Russia, without necessary permits – to perform in a zoo.

They were stopped at the Belarus border and were in appalling conditions.

A Polish zoo is now giving temporary refuge.

Is this how the world treats endangered animals?

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