Malayan Tiger Prime Bounty For Poachers.


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Malaysia – The Sun Daily

With a price of up to RM800,000, the Malayan Tiger is prime bounty for poacher.


Foreign poachers are setting up camps in jungles in Peninsular Malaysia to hunt protected animals due to the high price offered by illegal traders of wildlife parts.

A Malayan Tiger carcass can fetch between RM500,000 and RM800,000 and with that kind of money involved, foreign poachers are prepared to camp in the jungles for up to three months and use whatever means to kill the endangered animals.


After years of neglecting tiger poaching and paying no attention to the ever-lasting greed by palm oil plantation owners, Malayia is now doing something to turn the tide.

Malayan authorities presented results of their activities in the last periode, showing they arrested seven Cambodians and three Malaysians and seized all kinds of animal parts, destined for the black market.

Also Malaysia realises only now that tigers are worth a fortune on the black market, even up to $ 200,000 USD – which makes tiger a prime bounty for poachers.

And another major reason for the Malayan government to step up with their activities to save tigers!

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