86 Tigers Dead: Thai Government Needs To Act.

Tiger Temple dead tiger

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These Tigers Were Rescued From An Infamous Tourist Attraction. Then 86 Died In Government Custody.


At Thailand’s infamous Tiger Temple, paying tourists could pet and pose for selfies with the dozens of big cats that called the attraction home. They could walk tigers on leashes and bottle-feed cubs. But the Buddhist monastery turned tourist magnet had for years faced allegations of abuse and, in 2016, a raid by Thai authorities uncovered ghastly sights, including 40 frozen tiger cubs shoved into a refrigerator and a monk attempting to flee with 1,600 tiger parts.

The government soon removed 147 tigers from the compound in the West Thailand town of Kanchanaburi, taking them to two state-run facilities. But in a tragic update on the case, Thai media reported Friday that 86 of the rescued animals have died. A government official attributed the animals’ deaths to a viral disease, saying their immune systems had been compromised by inbreeding.


Tiger Temple, once famous for its monks caring for tigers, but later unmasked for tiger trade, strikes again.

Already 86 out of 147 seized tigers have died due to a viral disease while being in Thai government custody.

Some NGOs points fingers to the Thai government for not taking proper care for the seized animals.

Although that is partly true, the real blame is with the exploiter of Tiger Temple: abbot, Phra Wisutthisarathen. He was responsible for Tiger Temple and is responsible for breeding tigers. He is responsible for these deaths and a shame for buddhism.

This dramatic mass killing calls for stronger regulations by the Thai government on tiger exploiting facilities, like Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Tiger Temple and others alike.

We call for a national discussion in Thailand on tiger tourism to prevent further unnecessary harm to tigers.

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