Six point plan

Six point plan to save Malayan tiger


Bigger fines for poachers and a six point plan. This is how the Malayan government wants to save the Malayan tiger. It says this proves the government’s seriousness in ensuring that the tiger, Malaysia’s national animal, will not become extinct. A claim by energy and natural resources minister Shamsul Anuar Nasarah.

“We are focused and serious about ensuring that the tiger doesn’t go extinct.” He continues with: “This is a shared responsibility and duty in curbing poaching.” This was after witnessing an agreement for the palm oil industry’s support for conservation plans.

“We are amending the Wildlife Conservation Act. This way we can be more responsive to current developments. in wildlife conservation. We will increase penalties and fines for offenders. We know that there are irresponsible parties who traffic wildlife online. The amendment will strengthen enforcement in combating illegal activities,” he said.

He also said it is hoped the six point plan would be able to handle the Malayan Tiger’s extinction crisis. And also that it would raise the reputation and image of the oil palm industry from the sustainability aspect. The new plan is involving the Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry, other agencies and industry players.

The full article was published by Free Malaysia Today on April 12, 2021.