Injured Tadoba tiger

Injured Tadoba tiger is now paralysed and may have been hit by a vehicle


The 9-12 months-previous injured Tadoba tiger T-50, nicknamed Khali, which was rescued on Sunday (May 9, 2021) from Agarzari forest vary within the buffer zone of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), is suspected to be hit by a vehicle.

It is one of the dominant males of Agarzari and was sighted on May 8, 2021, whereas limping. As the injured Tadoba tiger was unable to maneuver, it was tranquillized on May 9 for detailed bodily examination.

TATR subject director Jitendra Ramgaonkar stated, “it was paraplegic in both hind limbs, apparently due to internal physical injury and hence was rescued and shifted to Gorewada Rescue Centre for treatment.”
According wildlife veterinarians who examined the tiger at Nagpur, it appears to be a case of a highway accident. The tiger has a extreme spinal harm attributable to which each its hind legs have turn into paralyzed. The injured Tadoba tiger is unable to face on its legs.

“An x-ray will reveal the extent of damage. It is possible the tiger may have been tossed off the road by speeding vehicle. As the hind legs got damaged, it was unable to stand on its legs and still attempted to move and suffer lacerated deep wounds in the process,” they stated.