Big Threats

Big threats

Besides poaching, loss of habitat and a decreasing prey base there are major threats for tigers. But other threats are considered big as well, although they are hardly mentioned as causes. Like palm oil, agriculture, mining, roads and infrastructure. We don’t forget them because their influence on tigers, habitats and poaching is devastating.

Mining for minerals can be compared with the gold rush events in the USA. It leads to major movements of people, it leads to habitat destruction, to roads, even trains. When a mining company gets the permission to mine, a complete ecosystem disappears, while it opens up possibilities for easy poaching.

Many tiger habitats have been converted into agricultural lands. The world has many mouths to feed and the need for agricultural lands is high. The most horrible example of agriculture is palm oil. More than half of Malaysia is now a palm oil plantation and the isle of Sumatra is about to be one too.

When economies prosper more and more people come to where the action is. At a certain point roads need to be constructed. Other infrastructure, like buildings or housing develops as well. The consequence is often habitat loss, with devastating effects.

Below you can find a number of articles about these big threats.