WWF Is Claiming The Tiger Domain More And More.

Trapped tiger

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WWF links up with messaging app for tiger conservation fundraiser.


The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has launched a digital chatbot and sticker fundraising campaign via instant messaging on mobile phones to help in the global conservation of tigers.

The campaign coincides with global awareness raising event World Animal Day on 4 October and involves the charity linking up with the messaging app Viber.

Through the partnership Viber has created tiger themed stickers that can be downloaded and used within messaging.


NGOs in tiger conservation should be worried.

WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) is claiming the ‘tiger’ domain more and more, getting more and more grip on donors.

They can build this image tiger saving image because they invest a lot of donor money in building the WWF tiger brand.

Other NGOs should worry because they have more difficulties in getting funding for their activities.

Creating collaborations in order to stay in ‘business’ and to do extremely important activities for tigers seems eminent.

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