Wrong Example.


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India – The Pioneer

Into The Wild.


Imagine yourself in a forest witnessing the strength of the tiger, the stealth of the leopard, the fragility of the cheetah, the brute power of the jaguar, the assured confidence of the puma, the magical ability of a snow leopard to disappear, the terrestrial lifestyle of the clouded leopards, and the machismo of the lions. It is likely to captivate and bound you to spend more time with them.

Directed by John Downer, the series Serengeti takes you to a similar journey into the unspoilt corner of Africa, discovering the most iconic Savannah animals in the world and examines and explores their daily lives.

An Indian wildlife enthusiasts Latika Nath shares her experiences of visiting the place and its wildlife while the series was being shot. She says that she got struck by seeing the vastness of the savannah grassland, all without human habitation and concrete structures, and the sheer numbers of the wildlife.


Wildlife enthusiast Latika Nath says that people need to understand they are fighting for their own survival when they look at stories of other species.

But how good intended her story is, she present a wrong example of posing with an endangered hyena.

By posing with wild animals you give the wrong example, in two ways. One is you tell the world that posing with a dangerous animal is a normal thing to do. And two, you stimulate other to do the same.

It is a pity that the photograph undermines her beautiful message.

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