Wild Tiger Is Ready To Roar.

WTF tiger tour

Get ready. It’s almost time for a Wild Tiger to roar, to earn its stripes, to (big) cat-apault its way onto the global stage. One of the most daring, ambitious and brilliant CSR initiatives in travel retail industry history is about to begin.


As reported, Indian rum brand Wild Tiger’s Founder and Chief Brand Officer Gautom Menon and Brand Creative Head Paul George V will be the co-pilots on an epic 65-day ‘Roar Trip’ from Kerala to Cannes, beginning on 29 July (World Tiger Day) and finishing on 28 September.

Gautom and Paul will drive for 65 days across 25 countries on an epic 25,000 kilometre journey. It will culminate in the most innovative arrival at TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes that you ever saw. We and many others will be there to greet these intrepid explorers in style.

Yes, it is time for the Wild Tiger to roar.