Trophy Hunters Responsible For Mass Murdering Tigers.

China tiger hunter

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China – South China Post Magazine

Trophy hunters like boastful William Lord Smith pushed the big cat towards extinction in China and Southeast Asia; greed and growth hastened its end.


In early 1903, a 40-year-old big-game hunter, Dr William Lord Smith, who had stalked Kodiak bears in Alaska and shot lions, tigers, elephants and rhinos from the safety of a hot-air balloon in Africa, heard there were man-eating beasts roaming the hills of Fujian province. The American was immediately gripped by the prospect of bagging a

South China tiger.
Swarthy, moustachioed Smith set off, stopping in Japan and Manchuria before sailing down the China coast to the port of Amoy (now Xiamen). He rested a few days in the European enclave of Gulangyu Island, where between cleanings of his prized hunting rifles, he hit it off with a local tiger hunter named Taikoff, whom Smith tasked with assembling bearers, a cook and men who knew the villages and monasteries of the interior.
The deal was simple – 30 cents a day per man, an extra $5 any day a tiger was killed.


Historical insight on what happened in the old days with tigers in China.

With trophy hunters starring in a bad movie.

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