Trillions Of US$ Because Of Tigers.

Trillion dollar tigers

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India – Mongabay

Save Tiger Reserves And Reap Trillions In Economic Benefits, Says Report.


Making a case for the conservation of tiger reserves in India, a study has worked out the monetary value of the reserves and deduced that for every rupee invested, the returns amount to an average of Rs. 2,500 per tiger reserve. 

A latest government study that calculated the economic valuation of 10 of 50 tiger reserves of the country, reveals that for every rupee spent on their management, the reserves provided benefits ranging from lowest of Rs 346.7 to highest of Rs 7,488 within and outside the tiger reserves. Mongabay-India analysed these benefits for all the ten reserves and found that, on average, it translated to Rs 2,500 per rupee for each tiger reserve.

The study looked at tangible and intangible flow benefits that result from investment in tiger reserves, including employment generation, fishing, fodder, fuelwood, carbon sequestration, water provisioning, water purification, sediment retention/soil conservation, nutrient retention, biological control, pollination, gas regulation, climate regulation, gene pool protection, moderation of extreme events, cultural heritage, recreation, spiritual tourism and more.


Shocking report about the immense monetary value of Indian tiger reserves!

The value – worth trillions of US dollars – shows that the Modi government can easily invest more than 1 billion US dollars extra per year into the protection of Indian tiger reserves (stopping encroachment, preventing poaching) and expanding the core and buffer zones, as well as the corridors.