Tiger Beer Discriminates Older People With Tiger Contest While Using Someone Else’s Idea.

Tiger Beer

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Tiger Beer Young Spikes #RareStripes Design Competition Now Open


Spikes Asia has partnered with Tiger Beer, Asia’s number one international premium beer to launch the Young Spikes x Tiger Beer #RareStripes Design competition.

Interested candidates must form a team consisting of 2 members and fill in the application form before midnight SGT, Friday 6 September 2019. The applications will be reviewed by Spikes Asia and Tiger Beer to shortlist 5 teams who will compete at Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity.

Each shortlisted team must produce a conceptual #RareStripes idea that answers the competition brief. This could be a design, product, experiential, or creative communications idea that can be produced to spread awareness about the Saving Wild Tigers programme.

The winner will then get an opportunity to collaborate with Tiger Beer and have their eventual concept brought to life and sold commercially as a part of the Tiger Beer #RareStripes collection.


Tiger Beer (part of Heineken), the multi-billion dollar beer brand, owes its brand value to the tiger. This brand value is worth billions.

Now Tiger Beer is investing heavily to enhance tiger conservation so the world thinks that tiger beer is the great savior of tigers. They are not.

Since 2013 Chris Slappendel, founder of this platform, has put pressure on Tiger Beer to invest 1% of their annual turnover into conservation of tigers. They still do not – although WWF was happy to get an annual fee of 1 million USD from Heineken/Tiger Beer in May 2017.

Now Tiger Beer is also using someone else’s idea to create awareness for THEIR tiger awareness program – while the original idea (a contest for creatives in the world) was to raise awareness for tiger issues IN GENERAL.

And with the executing of the contest they even discriminate older people, setting a limit to 30 years.

All this is not what you expect from a world class and registered stock exchange company like Heineken is.

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