The United Nations Is Even Diplomatic In Giving Awards.

UN Awards

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UN Environment

5 winners take home Environmental Enforcement Awards for service to environmental protection.


Customs, parks and law enforcement officials from China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, and Singapore have been named recipients of the 2019 Asia Environmental Enforcement Awards. The winners of the Awards are recognized by the United Nations and INTERPOL for their exceptional contribution to fighting transboundary environmental crime.

From taking down a notorious tiger poacher to choking the illegal flow of ozone-depleting substances, this year’s winners have been lauded for their achievements in the categories of collaboration, impact, innovation, integrity, and gender leadership.

“One of the keys to fighting transboundary crime is cooperation,” said Dechen Tsering, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific. “By working together, officials from across Asia have been able to make a dent in illegal activity that tears at the foundations of society: our planet. We need guardians like them to put paid to the criminal activity that is harming our home.”


The UN is the diplomatic institution of al diplomatic institutions, we all know that.

And once in a while the UN gives awards to people or organisations that did a good job.

But also in this case the UN is diplomatic. By giving it to a selected group of countries – of course the biggest and most influential ones (China, India, Singapore). And to please the smaller countries, one was also received by Laos.

But what about the great work in Bangladesh, i.e. tracking down more than 100 poacher pirates? Or Malaysia, where the government has finally decided to take the necessary steps to save the Malayan tiger from extinction?

Maybe one day….

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