The Hearth Warming Panna Tiger Recovery.

Panna tigers

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0 to 54: The Untold Story of How Panna Got Her Tigers Back in Just 10 Years.


In 2009, there were no tigers left in Panna Tiger Reserve. What happened in the next 10 years is really heartwarming at a time when the world’s tiger population is under a serious threat. #WildIndia #Respect

Set up in 1981, Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh became a tiger reserve in early 1994. Fifteen years later, in 2008, Panna’s official tiger count stood at a shocking zero.

The revelation created a public furore, with forest department officials facing a nationwide backlash. They stood dejected; the damning statistics shattered their morale. The state committee set up to probe into the matter suggested the transfer of all the existing forest officials at Panna. But IFS officer R Sreenivasa Murthy, the newly instated Director of Panna Tiger Reserve, opposed the move, stating that the current officials already possessed a hands-on knowledge of Panna and her tigers. 


Panna Tiger Reserve in India had lost all its tigers in 2008. But due to perseverance, understanding the local tribes and conservation and cooperation with government and NGOs, the reserve is back on track. And how!

Nowadays more than 50 tigers roam in Panna Tiger Reserve.

A job well done and an example for many countries!

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