Thailand Could Have Easily Prevented 86 (!) Tigers Deaths – At Least.

Tiger Temple tigers

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Thailand – Bangkok Post

Half Of Tigers Seized From Temple Have Died.


More than half of the 147 tigers seized from a Kanchanaburi temple three years ago have died of laryngeal paralysis, which causes upper airway obstruction in the animals.

The large cats in the care of two wildlife sanctuaries in Ratchaburi province had shown symptoms since they were brought there in June 2016, according to officials at the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP).

Officials detected the signs back then and despite constant care, 86 of them died, most of which were of the Siberian breed, they said.


86 of 147 seized tigers from the Tiger Temple trafficking syndicate died. The reason: Laryngeal paralysis, caused by immune deficiencies from inbreeding. Others say stress is an important cause as well.

If the Thai government would have had proper system of controlling captive tigers and struct rules for tigers in captivity this NEVER would have happened.

Thailand is one of the three countries in the tiger axis of evil, next to China and the USA.

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