Sumatra Fires Devastate Tiger Habitat.

Sumatra tiger

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‘Timebomb’: Fires devastate tiger and elephant habitat in Sumatra.


Recent dry-season fires that raged across Indonesia in September and October have taken a toll on forests, even in protected areas. Fires were particularly destructive in southern Sumatra, burning around 8 percent of Sembilang National Park, according to satellite data and local observers.

The fires, along with illegal logging in the area and the conversion of secondary forest and shrub land to oil palm plantations, continue to threaten critically endangered wildlife such as the Sumatran elephant, a subspecies of the Asian elephant, and the Sumatran tiger. Endangered Malay tapir, as well as several common primate species, are also known to inhabit the park area.

Until recently no known elephant populations existed in Sembilang National Park, but a study published in May in the journal Biovalentia: Biological Research uncovered four individual elephants in the park over six days of observation early early 2019.


Sad news from Sumatra. Due to many forest fires, provoked by humans, more and more habitat of tigers is lost.

This article gives an insight on how the situation on Sumatra is.

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