Only Conservation Success Belongs in a Christian Worldview?

Christian tigers

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Of Tigers and Talents: Why Conservation Success Belong in a Christian Worldview


The words “endangered species” brings to mind fatalistic headlines about animals on the verge of extinction. Landing on the endangered species list is, in the minds of many, as good as a death sentence. Lately, however, endangered species are more often making the news for being removed from the list, not making it.

The giant panda, the southern white rhinoceros, the Florida manatee, the grizzly bear, the snow leopard, the gray wolf, the humpback whale, and the bald eagle have all graduated from the endangered species list in recent years, thanks to diligent conservation efforts.


Article on how conservation success is part of a Christian worldview raises the question why religions are holding back to take a prominent role to save (endangered) animals.

It seems that according to the author only success matters of conservation in Christian worldviews while the eye must be open to the failures of human mankind.