No Consensus On Indian Tiger Census – Scientist Doubt Numbers.

Tiger numbers India

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India’s tigers seem to be a massive success story — many scientists aren’t sure.


The Maruti Gypsy 44 sped along a jungle track, jolting us out of our seats. We had signed up for a wolf safari, but the trip leader had another quarry in mind. The vehicle barrelled towards a pungent smell on a hillside — a fresh tiger kill.

The forest guide spoke to one of his colleagues in a different vehicle and then barked at our driver to rush towards a nearby meadow. A tigress and four cubs are at a watering hole just beyond our sights, he said.


Tiger numbers are going up in India. But behind this apparent success is a mist of intransparency and a cloud of tangible problems.

This excellent article reveals the doubts on the current policy of Indian tiger conservation and offers a good insight on what needs to be done to improve.

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