More Indian Tigers, More Problems.


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Wildlife Week: India's tiger numbers have increased by 33% in 5 years, but that's not necessarily good news.


It was the late 1960s, when the natural world was in the middle of a deep crisis, that Project Tiger was born.

In 1966, Indira Gandhi had taken over as Prime Minister. It was a time when countless hunting agencies mushrooming across India that enticed hunters from the world over to kill their prize trophy, the tiger. But Indira Gandhi wouldn’t have it, for she had a strong connection with the natural world. By 1968, a ban was implemented on tiger hunting, quickly followed by a ban on the export of skins. The hunter had lost his trophy.


Article with an historical view on tigers in India.

The writer ends with saying that tourism will play a vital role and that it should be encouraged.

But the writer is a bit optimistic about the impacs as most profits of tourism is not going to domestic economies but into the pockets of investors. Plus he neglects the side-effects of tiger tourism: waste, noise, and lower reproduction rates.

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