Malaysia: History Repeats Again – Big Promises, No Action?

Budget tiger

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Malaysia – New Straits Times

2020 Budget: Mixed reaction to biodiversity allocation.


Budget’s allocation for preserving the environment has drawn mixed reactions from environmentalists and academics.

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) president Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail commended the government for proceeding with its current fiscal policy of returning 50 per cent of the tourism tax proceeds to the respective states.

He further said the move in Kedah could deter logging in the catchment of Ulu Muda, while encouraging the state to convert the forest reserve into a state park.

“This can also attract ecotourism and create more opportunities for the economy,” he said adding that the forest also provided water to Penang.


Like in 2010 during the St. Petersburg Tiger summit Malaysia made big promises: doubling the number of 500 tigers.

Now in 2019 the number of tigers is around 200, which is a decrease of 60 (!) per cent.

The responsible minister – dr. Xavier Jayakumar – made big promises. He said in 2018: “It might sound a bit drastic but if you want to save Malayan tigers, we have to take drastic action as well.”

Only strong words don’t save tigers. Give the people that know what to do the money so they can do it.

If you don’t have the money? Just raise the taxes on palm oil companies: they are the ones responsible for the situation of tigers in the first place.

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