Malayan Kids Give Grown-ups A Tiger Message.

Tiger family cartoons

With the Malayan Tiger population in the wild already at an all-time low, news of the death of a tiger caught in Kampung Besul Lama, Dungun, Terengganu, recently, has set alarm bells ringing.

Siblings Delwin Cheah Wien Loong, 16, and Delwina Cheah Kah Yan, 14, despite their tender age, have taken a step towards raising awareness about the need to protect Malayan Tigers by starting a campaign on the issue.

The campaign, named HUKU, is derived from two Chinese words — Lao (Hu) and Tong (Ku), which means “the tigers are suffering”.

Their friend, Max Yeoh Pang Kuan, 26, is also helping in the campaign.