Last Dance Odisha Tigers?

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India – Outlook

Last Bagha Nacha.


The mighty roar is now a mere whimper in the forests of Odisha. The Royal Bengal tiger, once lovingly described by writer-conservationist Jim Corbett as a “large- hearted gentleman”, is waging a grim battle for survival in the state.

The latest tiger census estimates the number of big cats in the state at 28, the same number reported four years earlier. In contrast, the all-India growth in tiger numbers is 33 per cent, with nearly 3,000 counted across the country in the 2018 census. States like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra rec­orded spectacular growths of 71 per cent and 64 per cent, according to data released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on World Tiger Day, July 29.


Odisha, once a safehaven for tigers, is now struggling. Poaching, lack of prey, respected men that quarrel about methods…

The state of Odisha and the NTCA need to get their acts together and
end the ego-wars to create the best conditions for tigers again.