Kids Show India How To Save Tigers In Sundarbans.

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Bangladesh – News18

In 50 Years, Sunderbans And Bengal Tigers May Vanish. These Bangladeshi School Kids Are Showing India How to Save Them.


Bristling with enthusiasm and armed with a depressingly lucid understanding of the risks that climate change poses to their home, school children from Bangladesh are proving themselves to be potent weapons in the fight to save the Sundarbans – the last bastion of the Bengal tiger in West Bengal.

The Sundarbans, in south coastal Bangladesh and Bengal in India, is the last surviving mangrove habitat and a key stronghold for the endangered species. Perfectly adapted to live in the mangrove ecosystem that spans across 10,000 square kilometre, the population of tigers was found to have increased 26 per cent in the Indian part of Sundarbans in a recently concluded survey by the government. At the same time, reserves in north Bengal like Buxa were found to have no tigers.


Kids in Indian and Bangladesh sides of the Sundarbans raise awareness and activate citizens to save Bengal tigers in the Sundarbans, the world biggest mangrove forest.

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