British Charity Replaces Tiger Skins With Art – Temporarily.

Tiger skins

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United Kingdom – The Telegraph

National Trust Replaces Tiger Skins With Art Installation About Dwindling Rhino Numbers.


The National Trust has replaced a collection of tiger, lion and leopard skins at one of its historic houses with an anti-poaching art installation to highlight the “uncomfortable” issue of trophy hunting.

The skins have for years greeted visitors on arrival at Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire. They were shot in the 1920s by the home’s former owner, Colonel Ronald D’Arcy Fife, while he served with the Yorkshire Regiment in Africa and India.

However, the Trust has invited a contemporary artist to install works at Nunnington “in response” to the trophies. The exhibition is entitled ‘Change in Attitudes’.


A famous British charity, the National Trust, kept tiger skins and other hunters’ trophies to honour the home’s former owner.

Now it has been replace by impressive work of Layla Khoo, an artist that took inspiration from a black rhino.

But the skins will come back: they are only removed for cleaning and repair.

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