Awareness Campaign To Prevent HTC’s Around Rajaji Tiger Reserve.

Rajaji tiger HTC

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India – News 18

Campaign To Prevent Man-animal Conflict To Be Launched In Fringe Villages Of Rajaji Tiger Reserve (India).


An awareness campaign will soon be launched in villages close to the Rajaji Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand advising people not to go into the surrounding forests and risk an assault by the big cat.

The decision in this regard was taken after a recent survey found that 21 out of total 23 victims of leopard attack in Motichur range in the last five years were killed after intruding into the big cat’s habitat, reserve director Prasanna Kumar Patro said.


To prevent human-tiger-conflicts (HTCs) the management of the Rajaji tiger reserve in India decided to execute an awareness campaign, with the help of NGOs.

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