Avni Cub Settled Down – Needs Support To Prevent To Be Taken Out Of The Wild!

Avni cubs

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India – Times of India

Over 1-year-old hunt to capture T1’s cub to end.


The longest-ever hunt, to capture Pandharkawda tigress T1 aka Avni’s male tiger cub (C1), will end as the tiger seems to have settled down, and there has not been any case of conflict over the last one year.

The cub is also not dependent on baits anymore. Sources said forest officials too are now contemplating whether the cub still needs to be captured, especially when it is not killing baits or cattle. It is also not involved in conflict with humans.

State chief wildlife warden Nitin H Kakodkar said, “No decision in this regard has been taken yet. We are still monitoring the animal.”




A tiger cub, that saw his mother being shot, was on the run for more than a year.

A.K. Mishra, the responsible man for killing Avni, also ordered to shoot her cubs.

But now one year later, the male cub still is on the loose and not causing any problems.

Now within the Forest Department and the Indian tiger authority talks are going on what to do with the cub.

There is only one answer possible of course: just leave him alone.

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