Will T-114 Be The New Ustad?

Tiger T-104

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India – The Hindustan Times

Ranthambore’s Man-Eater Tiger, T-104 Strikes Again, For Third Kill.


A tiger numbered T-104 from the Ranthambore reserve killed his third human prey, a 30-year-old man, asleep in his farmland-hut in the Karauli district on Wednesday night. Authorities are now faced with the task of capturing and relocating it to a place where it poses less danger to human lives.

A villager said Pintu Mali was in his sleep inside a hut when attacked by the tiger. “It dragged the body inside the forest. When we found out, we raised an alarm” the villager said, adding, the forest officials were informed in the morning.

The body was recovered a few metres from the man’s house on Thursday morning at around 10 am and was handed over to the family after the postmortem, said, forest officials.


T-114 is a tiger in Ranthambore. It allegedly killed 3 humans. The last kill, proven because the tiger was collared after the last incidident, is now the limit: the authorities are now going to capture T-114 and probably relocate the tiger.

If they do the same as with T24 – Ustad, the tiger will end up in a zoo too.

Also this proves again that human-tiger-conflicts just happen too often near Ranthambore. Also it proves that education fails because otherwise the victim would not have slept alone in a farming field – former tiger habitat.

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