‘Problem Tigers Must Be Killed’

K. Ullas Karanth tiger biologist

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India – The New Indian Express



K Ullas Karanth, tiger biologist from the Centre for Wildlife Studies, strongly advocates the killing of ‘problematic’ tigers. In an interview with Amit S Upadhye, Karanth said the recent Bandipur incident is not the first, and that the Forest Department must improvise its standard operating procedures when it comes to catching large carnivores.  

How do you tackle situations where tigers attack humans on the fringes of tiger reserves?
When there is solid proof that a problematic tiger has lost its natural fear of humans and has preyed on them, it needs to be immediately killed. For the past 20 years, rarely have we seen cases of tigers preying on humans. Not much can be done other than quickly killing the animal and paying compensation.


Famous tiger biologists K.Ullas Karanth says that problem tigers, like the one now in Bandipur, should be killed immediately.

Capturing it and releasing it somewhere else is just replacing the problem to another area, as history shows us.

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