Now Cub of Avni Is Being Cornered.

Avni cubs

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India – Times of India

Startled by chance encounter, tiger C1 injures man by reflex.


Tiger C1 — startled by a chance encounter with a group villagers — injured a resident of Sukali village, in Sengao taluka of Hingoli district, on Saturday. This was not a case of tiger attack, clarified senior forest department official. The animal reacted aggressively as it was surprised by a group of four villagers, who too were unaware of the big cat’s presence in the area, they said.

“The tiger was hiding in a dense bush on a narrow lane going towards the fields, about 2km from the village. The locals suddenly came across the tiger. In panic, they reacted. Caught off guard, the tiger hurt one of the villagers while escaping into a nearby field,” said Hingoli district forest officer Keshav Wable.



C1, the cub of tigress Avni that could not be captured after the killing of Avni, attacked a local far away of his home, exactly one year after his mother was assassinated. 

Considering the content of this article C1 is being cornered more and more.

It seems like the Avni-case more and more.

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