Farewell Veeru.

Veeru tiger

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India – ANI

Veeru, a 3-year-old tiger died in the Sewai Madhopur area of Rajasthan.


Veeru ‘ a three-year-old tiger , who died of critical injuries sustained in a territorial fight last week with another tiger, was given its last rites by the staff of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve at the Aama Ghat here on Friday.

The tiger T-109 or Veeru was discovered in a severely injured and dehydrated state on September 30, after it scuffled with another tiger in the forest allegedly over forest territory.


Veeru was a 3 year old tiger in Ranthambore. He died after a territorial fight with another tiger.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve will face many more of these territorial fights, as well as increasing human tiger conflicts.

The reason for this is that conservation of tigers has become too succesful with many offspring. Now more than 70 tigers live in an area where only 50 could live.

Many people and businesses were (and still are) coming to the area because of the success. Because of this (new born) tigers can’t move away to get into new habitats.

The government of Indian state Rajasthan knows this but refuses to take effevtive action.

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