WWF Uses Art Approach To Protect Sumatran Tigers.

Tiger art

The global environmental conservation organization WWF-Indonesia has used an art approach to protect Sumatran tigers, in its collaboration with young rapper Tuan Tigabelas from Sumatra to hold a concert at Mount Pancar in Bogor District, West Java, in the commemoration of Global Tiger Day on July 29.

WWF Indonesia in its statement here on Sunday said it raised the tagline of “Sumatran tigers as the pride of Indonesia” and choose an art and cultural approach to awaken in public the pride toward the iconic species, based on fact that tigers often exist in works of art such as stories, songs, films and paintings.

WWF-Indonesia Partnership Director Ade Swargo Mulyo said the organization has collaborated with Tuan Tigabelas who had long been inspired by tigers in his works, to hold “Concert-vation: Concert and Conservation”.