Unknown Hero: Shanti Ram Chhetri.

Unknown heroes

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India – Outlook

In Kaziranga, Forest Guard Shantiram Chhetri Stands Between Poacher's Bullets And Rhinos.


Kaziranga is one park in India, which, like the African savannah, will spoil you silly. It boasts of the presence of its own big five: Rhino, Asiatic water Buffalo, Elephant, Swamp Deer and of course the Tiger. The tiger will play elusive but the others are easy to spot.

The national park is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, and it is this very fact that has now become its weakness.

Such abundance can be taken for granted only at great peril and cost.


Forest guards are often alone, in dangerous situations and underpaid. And above all: undervalued.

Meet Shanti Ram Cchetri, forest guard in Kaziranga National Park.

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