Drones To Save Tigers.


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Bangladesh – DDI News

Drones To Monitor Sundarbans: Bangladesh Forest department.


The forest department of Bangladesh has planned to use drones for monitoring poaching and other illegal activities in the Sundarban area.

The department is also considering to erect net-fence around the forest to prevent the intrusion of tigers into the nearby human habitations. These methods have been used successfully by India in checking poaching and tiger attacks on people

Illegal activities like poaching of tigers and deer, felling of trees and fish catching take place regularly in the Sundarban area which is the largest mangrove in the world and UNESCO world heritage site.


The Bangladesh forest department is finally going to use modern equipment for monitoring the Sundarbans, the world largest moangrove forest with more than 100 tigers.

With the drones the department can monitor poaching and other illegal activities.

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