47 Animals (1 Tiger) Hit By Motor Vehicles – In Only One National Park.

Parsa tiger

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India – Khabarhub

47 Animals Hit To Deaths By Vehicles In Paras National Park Last Fiscal Year.


A total of 47 wildlife at the Parsa National Park were hit to deaths by motor vehicles in the last fiscal year, according to a data.

According to the data made available by the park, a total of 47 wildlife were hit to deaths by motor vehicles during the fiscal year (2018/19).

Road safety has been a major concern for the Park to protect wildlife.


In Parsa National Park, an Indian tiger reserve, were 47 animals killed in one year by motor vehicle – including one tiger.

This is only one out of 50 tiger reserves, indicating that roads, motor vehicles and wildlife management are not a good combinations and should be avoided at any costs.