I am a tiger advocate. For life.

Ben McMillan - Chris Slappendel 4 LR
Made in Beijing by Ben McMillan.

This is me. My name is Chris Slappendel and I am committed to contribute to better conditions for tigers in the wild and in captivity since 2012. In the year after I embarked on an awareness campaign, called TigerTrail. During that journey I visited 24 (former) tiger range countries, spoke with more than 300 persons involved in tiger conservation and with more than 100 journalists. We reached 250 million people with our stories about tigers. Stories that where often about hidden tragedies.

The awareness about certain subjects has increased after the journey. I.e. about Tiger Temple, a so-called buddhist temple that was devoted to take care of tigers but was a facade for tiger trade and tiger cruelty. Also more and more people realise now what palm oil has contributed to the destruction of tropical rain forests and many species. Or mining. Or logging.

But not everything has made it to the surface. The cruel tiger farming in China, Laos, and Vietnam is still allowed, even though it results in pressure on tigers in the wild. Or the tragedies in the so-called sanctuaries in the USA, where many tigers are only used for breeding purposes because of the lack of proper laws.

Since my TigerTrail journey I did multiple things to serve the cause. Like giving lectures, founding an NGO and writing a book. At the moment I am running this website and preparing for a unique business-conservation venture, called TIGER Mountain.

If people know, they think. And if they can think, they can act. Everybody can help to make a change.

This picture was made by Ben McMillan, a photographer that was based in China in 2013, the time I visited Beijing during my TigerTrail campaign.