Sunilal Boro tiger poacher

Gotcha! Tiger Poacher Arrested In Assam.


The Assam police in cooperation with the Indian Army, paramilitary forces and forest officials have arrested Sunilal Boro, a reknown tiger poacher.

Well done!

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Budget tiger

Malaysia: History Repeats Again – Big Promises, No Action?

Like in 2010 during the St. Petersburg Tiger summit Malaysia made big promises: doubling the number of 500 tigers.

Now in 2019 the number of tigers is around 200, which is a decrease of 60 (!) per cent.

The responsible minister – dr. Xavier Jayakumar – made big promises. He said in 2018: “It might sound a bit drastic but if you want to save Malayan tigers, we have to take drastic action as well.”

Only strong words don’t save tigers. Give the people that know what to do the money so they can do it.

If you don’t have the money? Just raise the taxes on palm oil companies: they are the ones responsible for the situation of tigers in the first place.

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Tiger conservation

‘Urban Middle Class To Fight For Conservation.’

Award-winning environmental journalist Bahar Dutt discusses a new book (Rewilding) that celebrates the lesser-known triumphs of conservation in India, Panna Tiger Reserve and the travesty of Aarey.

Nice interview!

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Ranthambore tiger

Ranthambore tiger Conservation Succes Has A Dark Side.

Indian tiger reserve Ranthambore is doing extremely well with tiger conservation, but suffers many other problems due to their success.

Not only pollution is a major threat within the Ranthambore area, but the Ranthambore tigers are also very fragile as there are no corridors to leave or enter the area.

This not only means a poor gene pool, with more chances on viral diseases, but it also is a magnet for lethal problems.

We have witnessed more incidents than ever, both on the human as on the tiger side. And there is more to come, if there will be no action.

But there is hope. The Indian tiger authority (NTCA) and the state of Rajasthan is looking in to the matter.

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South China tiger

China Makes Progress With Wildlife Conservation.

China is finally making progress with wildlife conservation. The country is doing a pilot with 10 national parks and is already seeing the results.

Keep on going China!

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K. Ullas Karanth tiger biologist

‘Problem Tigers Must Be Killed’

Famous tiger biologists K.Ullas Karanth says that problem tigers, like the one now in Bandipur, should be killed immediately.

Capturing it and releasing it somewhere else is just replacing the problem to another area, as history shows us.

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Alarm bells for tigers

Alarm Bells Started Ringing!

Alarm Bells Started Ringing is an article by the hand of Sagnik Sengupta.

It gives an insight in the number of tiger deaths in 2019 in India, the causes and the consequences.

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Tiger hunt on elephants back

Tiger’s Hunt On But Tiger Is Gone.

It is terrible that a tiger in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in India allegedly killed two humans and that because of that the tiger is now being hunted by the forest department to have the tiger relocated.

What is extra terrible – the forest department that hunts this tiger ared oing so on the back of elephants.

No respect for the elephant whatsoever.

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Bangladesh tiger

An Underestimated Country – Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a beautiful country, underestimated by many. It has so much to offer regarding to biodiversity.

One of the crown jewels is the Sundarbans – the worlds largest mangrove forest. And within this beautiful swamp-like area lives the Royal bengal tiger.

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Life of pi tiger

Tigers On West End In London?

Yes, tigers will perform on stage in West End in London, as the theater version of the controversial movie Life of Pi will be enchanting people there too.

This time in the theater it will happen with puppets and not with real tigers, which made the movie highly controversial (despite the effects used).

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Corbett tiger

Tiger Hunter And People Killer Jim Corbett Still Worshipped.

Jim Corbett has killed tens of tigers and more than 1200 people.

Despite these horrible numbers Corbett is honored as the person that has put wildlife conservation on the map in India. Not only that, the Indians named a nature park after him. International authorities even named a tiger sub-species after him (Panthere tigris corbetti – commonly known as the Indochinese tiger).

It seems that doing one good thing in life covers all the worse things.

#tiger #tigernews

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Hull City Tiger

Hull City Tigers Support Humans And Forget About Endangered Tigers.

Hull City, a football club in the UK, raises awareness for mental health problems.

We appreciate their efforts, it’s a good cause!

We would appreciate it even more if Hull City Tigers do a lot more on creating better situations for the animal that gave them their name.

The tiger, with only 4,642 left in the wild, is endangered and threatened with extinction.

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