Tiger crossing road

Study: Roads Affect Tigers.

The presence of roads near or in wildlife habitat has en effect on wildlife, shows a study in India.

The effects vary, from species inhabiting (or not) forest areas near roads to the total absence of e.i. prey of tigers (like sambar deer and chital).

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La Llorona Tiger Award

La Llorona – The Weeping Woman – Receives Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award For Best Film.

Tigers are being used in many ways. Where in other countries movies gets prizes like a BAFTA, a Golden Globe or an Oscat they give Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Awards in India.

This year La Llorona was awarded as the best film, and got a Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award.

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Tiger brands
Telluride Tiger Fundraisers

Kids Raise Money To Save Tigers.

Wonderful initiative of American schoolkids in Telluride, a small town in Colorado.

With Fundraiser Friday Club diners they raise money for a.o. Vampire Bats and Amur tigers.

Their idea of having a tiger at school can be considered as an error of youth.

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Indian tiger numbers

New Doubts On Indian Tiger Numbers.

Well-known scientists doubt the tiger numbers from the latest All India Tiger Census and call for a drastic revision of the current way of counting tigers.

Not only the current way of counting tigers is inaccurate, it is also a waste of tax payers money.

Let’s call for a national discussion.

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Pregnant tiger

Different Rules For Pregnant Tigers?

After the new NTCA guidelines ventinarians wonder why there are still no guidelines on how to deal with pregnant tigresses, in case of problems.

Maybe the NTCA can look into this easy matter soon?

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Captive US Tigers

USA – Insight In How A Civilized Country Treats Tigers.

Next to China and Thailand the United States of America is displaying an absolute disrespect to tigers, an endangered animal.

This excellent article not only gives an insight of how tigers are abused but also how the black market is growing and growing, even with trade lines to Thailand and China.

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Tiger park

China Wants A Big Yellowstone Park To Conserve Tigers.

China is improving in many ways when it comes to wildlife and nature conservation.

After a series of trials with 10 National Parks China wants to have a large area focused on protecting threatened plant species and animals such as the giant panda, Amur tiger and Amur leopard.

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Tiger prairie

Tiger As Inspiration For Possible Award-Winning Students.

Flooding becomes a problem in some parts of the USA. To prevent floodings students from Katy High School are seeding and weeding one acre to make it a suitable home for deep-rooted prairie plants that mitigate flooding.

The Tiger Prairie Initiative at Katy High School is only one of four projects in Texas to win an award from the Science Teachers Association of Texas.

That $4,000 award helps to fund infiltration rings that measure infiltration rates of soil at research sites and a time-lapse photography sign with a bracket from which students and the community can take photos to document changes over time in the Tiger Prairie.

Of course, they called it a ‘Tiger Prairie’.

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Ginger Sturgeon

Zoo Tiger Rejects Her Own Cubs After Forced Breeding. Logical?

After giving birth to her cubs a tigress rejected them.

The question is: is it logical for a mother to reject her children after being forced to get pregnant?

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