What Has India To Hide With Their New Tiger Numbers?

India recently announced beautiful new tiger numbers. But since then the comments on the report and the real situation of Indian tiger conservancy are growing.

One of the main criticisms is about the used methodology. A beautiful video, even with the great and respected Sir David Attenborough starring, about explaining how India counted tigers now seems more and more as a decoy for the way India actually counted tigers.

This article shows that the Indian Government (Project Tiger – National Tiger Conservation Authority) is blocking any attempts to give insights on the counting itself.

It raises a lot of suspicion – fueled by comments of renown ecological statistical experts.

What has India to hide?

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China tiger lead

China Must Lead In Fighting Tiger Trade – Says WWF Expert.

WWF, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, is a leading conservation NGO and hardly speaks out against tiger farming.

One is because WWF helped China starting its farming, with delivering pure Amur tigers from US zoos (in cooperation with WCS). Another reason is that WWF can’t raise its voice against China as it is affraid to lose its permit to work there – jeopardizing all their work.

Now one of the WWF-employees speaks out against China, but still very diplomatic. It calls for China to take the lead in fighting the tiger trade.

In the article the St Petersburg conference is mentioned. An historic moment for tiger conservation. WWF was the co-organizor of the Global Tiger Initiative and everybody expected that the subject of tiger farming would be on the agenda.

But is was not. China blocked this. And WWF agreed upon it – for obvious reasons.

Now – 9 years late – WWF is making a U-turn.

What would be the reason?

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Spotting tigers

Where To Spot Tigers In India.

Tigers are becoming more and more popular in India. This is good news because they always say “the more eyes, the better” – as tourists have a preventing effect on poaching.

However, the role of media (also social media) is important. Stories or messages about the exact whereabouts of a tiger can lead to activation of poachers.

So please be careful when you see a tiger and want to share your joy with your friends and family – as poachers scan social media as well.

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Tiger skin

India Loses More And More Tigers Outside Protected Areas.

Although numbers of tigers rise in India the root problems grow bigger.

One alarming fact is that India loses more and more tigers outside the protected areas. The reasons are known: mining, poaching, lack of prey, no corridors etc.

This article gives a splendid overview of all of this in the Northeast of India.

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Kansas tigers

Breeding Tigers In USA Continues.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in the US has a “Tiger Species Survival Plan” as they call it.

In reality none of the tigers in this plan is trained or raised to be released back into the wild. Or for that matter – never was released back into the wild.

This program is merely an excuse to breed tigers for their zoos so more people come visit the zoo. As tigers – and especially tiger cubs – are extreme money makers for zoos.

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Dog squads

In India Dog Squads Solve More And More Wildlife Crimes.

Good news from Indian Teluga states where dog squads help to solve more and more wildlife crimes.

Not only that, the dogs also create a daunting perspective to poachers: they don’t feel safe in villages anymore.

Keep up the good work!

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Rupee tiger

Study Shows: Tiger Pay Off – Big Time!

A study in India shows that all investments in tiger conservation lead to massive benefits – direct and indirect – for Indian society.

Every rupee spent on the management of tiger reserves in the country brought in indirect benefits worth Rs 346 to Rs 7,488 within and outside the protected areas.

The proceedings don’t go up as high as billions but to trillions!

These new insights call for new, extra and substantial investments in tiger habitats.

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Tigers Count

Numbers Are Nice But Tigers Count.

The chief forest conservator in Indian state Kerala (Pramod Krishnan) wants to express his pride for the Kerala tiger reserves.

On the other hand it distracts from the plausible points he is making on the future of Indian tiger reserves.

So please read and just look through the bragging about Kerala.

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10 year study tiger

10-Yr Study On Tigers In Maharashtra (India).

The state forest department of Indian state Maharashtra and the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) have planned a 10-year study to understand the changes in the animal’s habitat in the state.

Although its motives are plausible it is unacceptable that tigers are being collared to track its whereabouts.

Not only because of security of the tiger (poacher can easily hack the frequency and thus track the tiger) but also because of animal rights.

Tigers should not be tagged or collared as it should be left alone in its own habitat. Like it is normal with people in a free world – they are also free from tags or collars.

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Gazipur zoo tiger

Tiger Suddenly Dies In Bangladesh Zoo.

A tiger in a Bangladesh zoo (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Gazipur) dies suddenly.

Supervisor and livestock officer think it died after eating a lizard or being bitten by a snake.

The post-mortem didn’t clarify the cause of death. Samples are set to a research centre in Dhaka.

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History tigers

History Must Not Be Forgotten.

Beautiful hommage by Vivek Menon, co-founder of the Wildlife Trust of India, to the founding father of Indian wildlife fighting, Ashok Kumar – a.k.a. Guptaji to celebrate his 84th birth anniversary.

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