Tiger Travel

Tigers On The Move.

Two young male tigers went out for a walk, independently of each other. Both have walked a considerable distance: one did 1160 km and the other 450 km.

One might wonder why they travel so far?

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USA Tigers

Tigers In The Great US of A: A Big Disgrace.

USA is one of three countries of the axis of tiger evil. After China and Thailand, the US shows us time and time again how tigers and other big cats are being abused.

If President Donald Trump would have balls, he would create better circumstances for tigers (and other captive animals) in the USA.

Just to make America great again.

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Leo tiger

Is Holly-Bollywood Doing Enough?

In the article you’ll find 10 examples of celebrities that ‘do their bit’ to save the planet. Of course we all know Leonardo Dicaprio but there are more that want to save our planet as well!

It also raises the question: is it enough what Hollywood/Bollywood is doing?

Or must they do more?

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Bengal tiger

TCM Needs To Be Regulated. An Animal Parts In Them Banned.

Traditional Chinese medicine is big business in China and beyond. It is worth US$130 billion in China, home to 3,966 TCM hospitals and 45,528 TCM clinics as of 2015, as well as being a US$60 billion+ global industry spanning 180 nations.

And TCM is the main cause for the mass killing of tigers, pangolins, bears and other endangered species.

If the United Nations knows this, how on earth it is possible that the World Health Organisation (WHO) includes a chapter on TCM in its influential International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

With this the WHO is institutionalising TCM, making it even more wanted and profitable.

Ergo, making it kill even more endangered animals.

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Starving tiger

Most In Belarus Stranded Tigers Are Doing Better In Polish Zoo – But Who Is Rsponsible?

Thanks to the care of Polish zoo keepers 9 out of 10 in Belarus stranded tigers are doing a bit better.

Last week 10 tigers were found in an Italian truck, on its way to Russian Dagestan. The tigers were neglected all the way, without food, and were in a terrible state, most of them without the will to live.

Now they are doing better and will eventually, after they regained their strength, be transported to Spain, where they can live the rest of their lives in a special facility of St. Aap, a Dutch rescue center.

Now it is also time to seek the for the answers to important questions:

– why does Italy have tiger breeding centers?
– who is responsible for treating 10 endangered animals this way?
– who is going to pay for the costs for the recovery?
– where will the ones responsible be trialed?

We’ll keep you updated.

[see the photos and videos in the original article]

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Timur the tiger friend

Goat Whom Made Friends With Tiger Dies.

Timur, a Billy goat, was supposed to be the lunch for the tiger some 4 years ago, died a natural death.

But the tiger didn’t like his lunch and they became friends, extraordinary friends.

Recently the vet discovered ailments with the goat and now the goat passed away because of natural causes, leaving the tiger alone.

[see the video]

#tiger #tigernews

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Avni cubs

Avni Cub Settled Down – Needs Support To Prevent To Be Taken Out Of The Wild!

A tiger cub, that saw his mother being shot, was on the run for more than a year.

A.K. Mishra, the responsible man for killing Avni, also ordered to shoot her cubs.

But now one year later, the male cub still is on the loose and not causing any problems.

Now within the Forest Department and the Indian tiger authority talks are going on what to do with the cub.

There is only one answer possible of course: just leave him alone.

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NH766 Tiger Highway

How A Highway Battle Divides India.

A highway that runs through a tiger reserve divides India. Students want to keep the road because it shortens their travel time and conservationists want to have an alternative road, backed up by a court verdict.

Let’s hope there will be a solution soon.

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Panna tigers

The Hearth Warming Panna Tiger Recovery.

Panna Tiger Reserve in India had lost all its tigers in 2008. But due to perseverance, understanding the local tribes and conservation and cooperation with government and NGOs, the reserve is back on track. And how!

Nowadays more than 50 tigers roam in Panna Tiger Reserve.

A job well done and an example for many countries!

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Vietnamese students

Vietnam Students Learn About Wildlife Crime.

Vietnam is one of the worst countries when it comes to wildlife. It’s a hub for wildlife trade and a passage to China. But also there is a huge demand from Vietnamese people as well.

To prevent kids to do the same as some of their stupid parents, an estimated 4 million school children a year in Viet Nam aged 6 to 11 years old will be taught lessons for the first time ever in threatened wildlife such as rhinos, elephants, pangolins, tiger, hornbills and primates in an effort to tackle illegal wildlife trade.

The national curriculum initiative is a collaboration between Humane Society International, the Viet Nam Management Authority for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, and the Department of Political Affairs and Students.

What a great initiative!

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Adorable tigers

Adorable Tigress And Cubs.

Pench is doing good as a tiger reserve. The video in the original post shows Collarwali, a 13 year old tigress that already gave birth to 29 cubs in 7 different litters.

A hell of a lady!

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