Tiger Time Out

Tiger Time Out.

Dear Tiger Advocates,

The good news is: in the last 7 months more than 1 million people have read the news we have distributed about tigers. We are proud that our activities to raise awareness on all kinds of tiger issues are supported by so many of you!

The sad news is: we will temporarily stop with the distributing of tiger news.

We are currently working on a groundbreaking tiger conservation project and that consumes all of our time and our attention.

As soon as we can we will resume our activities to raise awareness on tiger issues!

Thank you all for your support.

All the best,

Chris Slappendel
(founder IAT Tiger Platform)

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Indian Women That Protect Our Forests: A Big Thank You!

Many people work in (tiger) conservation. But not many women.

This article gives the credits to a few of them, giving their best to save our tigers or our forests.

A big thank you!

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NTCA tiger traffic ban

Indian Tiger Authority Supports Traffic Ban In Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

The Indian tiger authority NTCA supports an alternative route to move traffic out of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

This case is a true Human Tiger Conflict.

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NYCA Killing Tiger Guidelines

Tiger Killing Guidelines Go Southways.

The Indian tiger authority (the NTCA) has issued new guidelines for Chief Wildlife Wardens on how to deal with problem tigers.

However, with the new guidelines the NTCA seems to shoot itself in the foot.

Many people, conservationists, even lawyers, object on the way the NTCA has written down the new guidelines. Some say that the NTCA now has more opportunities to have tigers killed. Others say that the Indian law doesn’t allow the new guidelines of the NTCA.

Either way, it seems that the NTCA now has work to do to recover the damage done with the new guidelines.

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Tiger crossing road

Study: Roads Affect Tigers.

The presence of roads near or in wildlife habitat has en effect on wildlife, shows a study in India.

The effects vary, from species inhabiting (or not) forest areas near roads to the total absence of e.i. prey of tigers (like sambar deer and chital).

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Road - construction, Science
CTR tiger

Alleged Man-Eater Captured In Corbett.

A tiger that allegedly killed two humans in Corbett Tiger Reserve was captured.

The tiger, with circumstantial evidence that it killed two humans, was examined. The result was that it had lost its canines and incisors.

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La Llorona Tiger Award

La Llorona – The Weeping Woman – Receives Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award For Best Film.

Tigers are being used in many ways. Where in other countries movies gets prizes like a BAFTA, a Golden Globe or an Oscat they give Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Awards in India.

This year La Llorona was awarded as the best film, and got a Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award.

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Telluride Tiger Fundraisers

Kids Raise Money To Save Tigers.

Wonderful initiative of American schoolkids in Telluride, a small town in Colorado.

With Fundraiser Friday Club diners they raise money for a.o. Vampire Bats and Amur tigers.

Their idea of having a tiger at school can be considered as an error of youth.

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The Tiger News Collective

We collect and share news about tigers. Do you have any news about tigers in the wild or in captivity that is worth sharing, please inform us and we’ll share it on this site. The more news we receive, the more we can share.

All news will be verified on authenticity.

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