Wildlife Advocates Foundation

Wildlife Advocates Foundation

The Wildlife Advocates Foundation is rescuing wild animals like tigers from often horrific captive situations. They make sure they leave their small and dirty cages or trailers and give them a place as close to the wild as possible. With enough place to roam, with proper, nutricious and enough food and with the best medical care if they need it.

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Rescued tiger

Horror Trip Tigers Shocks The World.

In October 2019 Italian drivers took 10 tigers from Italy to Dagestan in Russia but where stopped by the Belarus border police because the paperwork didn’t match.

Read here a tragic story, which all started with the irresponsible behavior of a circus family (the Moontico’s) in Italy.

One tiger didn’t survive the horror trip. The rest is gaining strength in zoos in Poland and in a sanctuary in Spain.

Let’s hope for an Italian investigation to get the ones responsible.

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Tiger Zaalim

Caring Indian Father Tiger Dies After Territorial Fight.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserves’ Zaalim raised two cub-tigers, after their mother died to infection-related illness. This event proves that nature is unpredictable as this never happened before.

Now Zaalim has passed away himself, after a territorial fight with another tiger.

Rest in peace.

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Arrests tiger poaching

Indian State of Maharashtra Arrests 8 People In Tiger Poaching Case.

With six more arrests the total of arrests in the tiger poaching case of South Brarahmapuri on January 11 is now 8.

The poached tiger missed its head, its paws and its tail.

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Tiger Park

Another Tiger Horror Entertainment Center Opens In Thailand.

In Thailand another horror entertainment center opens its doors. Now in Phuket. It is a branche of the Tiger Park in Pattaya.

They start with 29 tigers and expect 5000 visitors a week. With an average turnover of 50 US dollars per person this means a yearly turnover of at least US$ 13 million.

How much of this money will be invested in saving the Indochinese tiger, you think?

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Joe Exotic, tiger killer

Joe Exotic To Jail. Finally.

This sorry excuse for a human being is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic.

He is sentenced for imprisonment for 22 years because of murdering tigers, plotting to murder Carole Baskin (founder of Big Cat Rescue) and for falsifying wildlife records.

Justice is done in this case. Now more justice needs to be done for another 7,000 captive tigers in the USA.

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Poisoned tiger

5 Tigers Poisened In Goa, India. Will It Ever Stop?

In Goa (India) a whole tiger family of four and another tiger were poisoned. The alleged villagers have been arrested.

A probe team was formed by the Ministry of Environment, probably to calm down the uproar. They should have report back within one week but now, after two weeks, the outcomes still have to be presented.

This tragedy shows us that many politicians just use these kinds of incidents for their own benefits.

In this case: keep the masses quiet.

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Vidya Balan - Avni tigress

Tigress Avni Will Appear In Cinemas.

The killing of Avni is one of the most controversial moments in Indian tiger conservation.

Lots of people are still not pleased with the outcomes of the investigations and demand new investigations and justice.

Now Avni is being the centre piece of a new movie, in which Indian star actress Vidya Balan will play the role of a forest officer.

The movie will undoubtedly raise new questions on the killing of Avni.

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No prothese tiger

No Prothese For Proud Tiger.

In 2012 a tiger called Sahebrao lost his front paw after a stepping into a trap, set by poachers.

An Indian doctor, backed up by English specialists, wanted to help to tiger to walk again with a prosthetic leg.

But after a long surgery and lots of preparations it unfortunately didn’t work.

The tiger just took it off.

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Indochinese tiger

Study Shows Importance Of Indochinese Tiger In Thailand. What Else Is New?

A new survey shows again that it’s important to have tigers. No news in that.

But did you know that the Indochinese tiger already is wiped out in China, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam?

Well, it is true. Only 221 are still left, spread over Myanmar (where they have to face grave dangers from Chinese poachers) and Thailand.

The world doesn’t need more reports. It needs action from governments to stop poaching and illegal trade.

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