Sanjay tigress

Translocated Tigress Found Dead In Madhya Pradesh Forest.

A translocated tigress from Panna Tiger Reserve in Indian state Madhya Pradesh was found dead in her new ‘home’ (Sanjay Tiger Reserve) after foresters lost track of her for more than a week.

The body was found heavy mutilated, together with the body of another animal.

An autopsy must ascertain the cause of death.

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Getty images of tiger cubs

Indian Farmers Threaten To Kill Three Tiger Cubs.

In Indian state Uttar Pradesh farmers have threatened to kill tiger cubs if they are not translocated directly.

Due to the rise in numbers farmers have become scared for their lives and say that the government is not taking them serious.

The solution might be a translocation of the three tiger cubs but also a translocation of farmers around the tiger reserve.

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Karnataka tiger

Conservation Success Leads To Tiger Exfiltration.

Because Indian state Karnataka has been successful with tiger conservation some of the forests are filled with tigers.

So they go looking for other places, also entering human habitats. The result: increasing human-tiger conflicts.

The state of Karnataka refuses to expand the tiger areas in a real progressive way, getting more and citizens jeopardized by growing chances on human tiger conflicts.

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80 km tiger journey

An 80 km Journey To Get Captivated.

The Bandipur tiger was a young, sub-adult tiger that was looking for a new home, as it appears now.

T-18 was from Nagarahole, a tiger area some 80 kms from where it was captured. Because it needed a place to live, not able to fight with adult tigers, it most probably lived at the fringes of forests to avoid other tigers, where it could get easy prey too – before mating and setlling somewhere definitely.

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Bhutan tiger poacher

Bhutanes Wildlife Traffickers Arrested.

Two Bhutanese men were arrested for trafficking. They were on their way from Assam (India) to Kathmandu (Nepal) to sell a tiger skin and tiger bones.

The tiger was most killed probably by a bullet.

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Bandipur tiger

Bandipur Tiger Is Healthy – But Does It Matter?

The captured Bandipur is doing well and is healthy, according to the director of the ‘rescue and rehabilitation’ center.

But what is well and healthy worth if you know it will spend the rest of its life in an enclosed environment, being used to hun freely and roam around?

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TIGERS recognition

TIGERS-named Program Recognized For Their Work For Disabled People, Not For Tigers.

Another initiative that is really doing good things is using the name of the tiger.

Not a word about the tiger itself, nor the fact that the tiger is an endangered animal – threatened with extinction.

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Dead white tiger

White tiger ‘Subhranshu’ dies.

While earlier reports told us there were worries about Subhranshu, a white tiger in the Nandankan Zoological Park in Oshisha (India), we learned now that the tiger died.

It stopped eating since October 12 and was suffering from a blood disease.

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Ramgarh Vishdhari wildlife sanctuary

4th Tiger Reserve For Rajasthan?

Good news: Indian stata Rajasthan will get a 4th tiger reserve!

This will be the Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary, including some other forests.

This is necessary because Rajasthan has a problem with tigers in Ranthambore. Due to the conservation success Ranthambore has too many tigers and they need to be relocated.

Keep up the good news India!

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